1  Abstract

No previous attempt has been made to synthesise information on mortality and neurosis in older people. Our objective was to estimate in the older population the influence on mortality of various types of neurosis.
Data sources were: Medline, Embase, and personal files. Studies were considered if they included a majority of persons aged 65 and over at baseline either drawn from a total community sample or drawn from a random sample from the community. Studies which sampled from a larger age range were also included if it was possible to retrieve results about those aged 65 and over. Samples from health care facilities were excluded. Effect sizes were extracted from the papers and if they were not included in the published papers effect sizes were calculated if possible. No attempt was made to contact authors for missing data.
We found 7 reports (6 of which used a neurosis diagnosis and 1 used a symptom scale). Using Fisher's method we found an increase in mortality which was not significant (p=0.08).
There have been few studies, and the evidence is weakly in favour of an increased mortality risk.